Online Claim Form Editor

Now you can enter your CMS -1500 claim forms online from your desktop. Gain speed and efficiency with sender/receiver presets and access to the same error checking results that the clearinghouses and health plans see. With this app you’ll be well on your way to a 80% or better first pass submission acceptance rate. Get started saving time and money with more accurate claims submission, click the try it now button below to get started for free.

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Claim Form Editor

Our Online Claim Form Editor App provides an easy web based solution.  Upload an 837I or 837P and edit on a standardized CMS-1500 / UB-04 form or create a new claim from scratch. Create, edit, validate, print, and export as 837I or 837P!


Create a new EDI 837 claim from scratch by entering directly into the form

Or, upload an existing 837I or 837P and edit directly into the form

As you enter the data into the form, it automagically validates for compliance

Save the CMS-1500 claim form as 837P EDI file

cms-1500 claim form to edi

No Software to Install!

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