Your business needs EDI.  X12 Hero saves the day!

X12 Hero is perfect for companies that are either new to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or experienced teams that need additional EDI capabilities that their existing software can't handle.  With X12 Hero, pay for only the EDI Apps you need.  It's more cost effective and since it's SaaS, nothing to install or manage!

All the essential EDI tools, online.

We are adding many online apps every week! From validation, file splitting, 999 ACKs, split invalid records, 837 claim or remittance balancing, 834 enrollment sort, CMS-1500 or UB-04 Claim form editor, and many more!

cms-1500 editor

CMS-1500 Claim Form Editor
Editable CMS-1500 or UB-04 Forms. Validate and print or convert to EDI 837I or 837P files.

edi to cms-1500 pdf converter

EDI 837 to CMS-1500 Converter
Import a 837I or 837P and overlay the EDI data on to a standardized CMS-1500 / UB-04 form, download as PDF.

validate snip 2

EDI Validator -  SNIP 1, 2
Validate EDI files for structural and syntactical errors. View results instantly.

validation snip 3

EDI Validator - SNIP 3
Validate EDI files to balance claim and remittances according to SNIP Level 3.

split large edi

EDI File Splitter
Includes configuration options to split large EDI files by ST, record count, or custom.

generate edi file

Test File Generator
Generate sample EDI files for testing and development purposes. View and download files instantly.

split edi invalid

Invalid Record Extractor
Splits a EDI file into two files. One file contains valid records and the other invalid records.

validate snip 2

ACK 999 Generator
Validate EDI files and generate the Acknowledgement (ACK) EDI 999. View and download 999 instantly.


There are Two Ways

For Admins

Our Online Web Apps are super easy to use. Simply select the EDI App, upload your EDI file, and view the results!  Results are instantly returned on the web page.  Then simply download the EDI file!!  It's an amazing a la carte EDI solution where businesses can pick and choose their utilities for an instant ROI!

For Developers

The online web API was created for developers. Leverage the power of pre-built solutions by calling a set of APIs. Quickly snap APIs into your program, send the EDI payload, and get back results instantly.  This helps to reduce development time, become compliant, and automate your EDI flows in minutes!

No Software to Install!